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Priority at The Tanning Lounge is to ensure your health and well-being, tanning responsibly in a controlled environment to achieve the desired results.  Tanning guidelines are set in place to help you with the following.

  • Know your skin type - our trained staff will provide a free skin consultation, and determine your skin type and your suitability for sunbed use.  This will help us to decide on the length of the tanning session and the safety of when to increase the session length.

  • Checking for any medical reason - why you would be unsuitable for tanning.

  • Session Time  - increasing times may not be the best option and may lead to burning, always consult with a staff member who can advise

  • Rest Days  - these are required between sessions, 24-48 hours required to give time for your skin to recover.

  • Only use a specially formulated sunbed tanning lotion - designed to boost tanning results. Standard daily moisturisers & SPF lotions are NOT effective when using a sunbed.

  • Eye Protection – provided by us free of charge to protect your eyes from UV damage.




  • What are the tanning rooms like, what is provided?
    The Tanning rooms are spacious and fully equipped with your comfort in mind; large full length mirror, chair, towel, make-up removal products, deodorant, choice of eye protection, clothes hangers and Bluetooth connectivity for your personnel music entertainment. Your health & comfort are paramount to us at The Tanning Lounge, which is why our rooms are inspected, cleaned and beds sanitised after each client.
  • What are the benefits of UV Tanning?
    The use of sunbeds in a controlled way to create the perfect tan have other benefits; providing appropriate levels of UV exposure which ensures levels of sufficient Vitamin D are achieved. Tanning in sunlight means the body is often subject to varying levels of UV rays dependent on factors, time of day, where in the world, months of the year etc. Using a sunbed with the correct and responsible exposure taking into consideration skin type factors & ensuring no overexposure, the possibility of skin burning and damage are avoided.
  • How many times a week should I use a sunbed?
    Clients with skin Type 1, under 18, certain medications that can cause photosensitivity, history of skin cancer – should not use a sunbed at all For everyone else it is ok to use a bed regularly with a minimum of 24 hours between session, skin type 2 must be at least 48 hours (European Standards advises not to exceed 60 sessions per annum)
  • How long is a sunbed session?
    The length of time is dependent on which sunbed is being used, skin type of client and the development stage of their tan. Never sunbathe outside on the same day you have a tanning session
  • Why do other tanning salons allow for longer session?
    This is only dependent upon the type of sunbed, its power & UV output which varies from each type of sunbed, this will be advised by one of the trained members of The Tanning Lounge team on consultation and at each stage of tanning development.
  • What are the benefits of using a sunbed?
    Offers a controlled way of tanning, providing & ensuring appropriate levels of vitamin D are achieved. A tanning programme can be developed ensuring skin type & tanning bed used are both considered to avoid the possibility of over exposure and burning
  • Is there no such thing as a safe tan?
    Incorrect – A tanned skin protects against sunburn which is thought to be the main contributing factor of Melanoma. Avoiding sunburn at all times, the benefits of moderate sun exposure will outweigh any risks.
  • Are sunbeds only for tanning?
    Indoor tanning beds represent an alternative to natural sunshine if you don’t go out into the sun, stimulating your production of Vitamin D. It is however important to know that radiation exposure is the same as what you get from the sun and using a tanning bed; therefore the same precautions must be taken as when exposed to natural sunlight.
  • Do you offer gift cards?
    At The Tanning Lounge we offer various course options, GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE for any occasion!
  • Does The Tanning Lounge offer a loyalty scheme?
    We offer a generous loyalty scheme to reward our returning clients and individual sessions for those just passing through.


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